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Know About Clean Trip

Cleantrip is one of the fastest growing online bus ticketing & Hospitality services platform in Odisha that has made travelling easier than before. Our aim is to make travelling easier and make our customers' journey a memorable one. Through our online ticket booking platform, customers can book tickets sitting in their home from their mobile. Right now we provide bus travelling services to and from different parts of India.

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Why Book With Us?

OTA's (Online Travel Agents) have dominated the market for over 10 years giving consumers headaches for years by attaching hidden fees, giving you a false sense of savings where there really is none due to the OTA agreements that are in place to make sure these companies can never compete against each other, and the use of predictive analytics to boost rates on your vacation based on how many times you search for a specific flight or click on a link.

+350,000 Hotels

Pick from a wide array of an ever-growing list of hotels in popular destinations (Over 14 million hotel rooms).

World Wide Tour Operators

The six continents are open for the adventures of a lifetime. Go anywhere, any place, anytime..

Access to 9,300 Private Resorts

Giving you access to the world's most luxurious members only resorts.Go anywhere, any place, anytime.

All major Cruise Lines

Glide through the waters of the five oceans, river cruises and luxury cruises.

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